Friday, October 23, 2015

Extra Life with Gaiscioch

Hey all. I wanted to let you know of some of things my team is going to be doing for Extra Life 2015.  First off, I am on Team Gaiscioch. Gaiscioch is a social gaming community currently with active chapters in Guild Wars2 and Elder Scrolls online, We have tons of memebers that play other games, though. Gaiscioch is currently sitting at around 7000 members with an average age of 35. Needless to say, we are not your stereotypical gamers.
 Well, our fearless leader, Foghladha, decided to go all out this year with a crazy plan to play 12 games over 2 days for Extra Life. Here is a link to the games they will be playing.
  I wish I could join them, but with my freshly surgerized (that's a word, right?) hip I will not be able to sit at a computer. So, go check out Giascioch at and remember to share with your friends and donate if you can. Be the Heroes. 

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