Saturday, November 7, 2015

6 hours down! 18 more to go!

Nuklear61 (Aidyn) had a good morning of gaming, Brett did not. The PS4 decided to break, so we needed to bring down the Xbox One. Then the Xbone decided that he wasn't old enough to stream.  We needed to play with all the settings and eventually delete Aidyn's account just so that we could stream for you guys.  

Right now, things are back on track. Aidyn is playing some kind of dirt bike game and Brett has Destiny ready to go. He is new to the game, so if anyone wants to hop on and give him some pointers. His Gamertag is Radiologikal or check out the stream at and say something in chat. 

Join him in a game, donate, share with your friends, We can all be heroes. 

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