Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Guess who is coming to Extra Life!

I will have a sidekick this year! Aidyn (my mini-me) aka Nuklear61 will be joining me for some couch co-op! Nothing forges a father-son bond like playing games together to save kids. We'll be defeating evil with some Diablo III and creating chaos together on Rocket League.  We also might throw in some offline games. So look for some intense Pok√®mon card battles and a game or two of Max.  Additionally, Aidyn will  be soloing some of his favorite games, like Minecraft and Kinect Party on the Xbox 360.
  Extra Life is a great cause and a great reason to play together as a family. You don't need to play video games. You can go outside and play catch, grab some board games, even BINGO! Just play and donate to Extra Life. Share with your friends, co-workers, frenemies, etc. Be the Hero!

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