Saturday, October 22, 2016

Penn State Children's Hospital hires full-time facility dog

Wondering what your donation will be used for? I found this article in the paper this morning.

Penn State Children's Hospital hires full-time facility dog: Kaia rests at Penn State Children's Hospital (Photo by Michael Dakota/Lebanon Daily News). (Hershey) -- Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey has hired what's believed to be the first full-time facility dog at a children's hospital in the state. Just 30 children's hospitals across the nation utilize facility dogs, which are different than therapy dogs in that they demonstrate various procedures for kids such as how to lay on x-ray tables and sit still during tests. The hospital's Child Life Program will be using Kaia, a golden retriever, to help calm patients and create a more positive environment. Kaia was born and raised at Canine Assistance, a Georgia-based organization that trains service and facility dogs. Ashley Kane, Child Life Program manager and Kaia's handler, says she hopes the hospital will expand its use of facility dogs in the future....

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