Saturday, November 5, 2016

Peter Pettigrew Was Our Undoing

Well, we lost game 4 of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, again. Aidyn had an unlucky streak, followed by Brett having an unlucky streak and we lost all of the locations to the villains.  Though Neville is my favorite character from the books, I am horrible at playing him. His perk is that when he heals someone on his turn, they gain an extra heart....and I do not heal people as often as I should. C'mon, it's way more fun to attack the villains than heal people. So I think after lunch, we are going to play some more video games, then come back to Harry Potter. We will conquer through perseverance.  Ill see if I can get a picture of Aidyn and Brett posing epic to put here.

Anyway, while we are lunch, feel free to  DONATE or take a  look around the site. You could also go check out Gaiscioch's live stream:  See you in a bit =)

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