Sunday, November 6, 2016

Victory at last!

Aidyn and Harry sat in Godrics Hollow waiting for the inevitable dual with the Dark Lord as they relied on Brett and Hermione to push back the villains attempt to seize the location.  Shavonne and Neville being the TRUE heroes, took the brunt of the punishment while they dealt out massive healing with aid from the bezoars and Remus Lupin.  Nevilles proficiency in Herbology kept the heroes alive on the brink of death with the extra healing it provided.  In an effort to keep the Dark Lord at bay, the heroes stacked their efforts on all three villains in front of them before tactically and decisively dispatching them in one fell swoop of arcane energy.  As Quirrel joined the battle, revealing Lord Valdemort, Aidyn and Harry focused their attention on the back line. They waited for Brett and Hermione to stun Quirrel while Shavonne and Neville weakened Valdemort to a state of stupor.  At that moment,  Hat trick Harry threw all that he had at the Dark Lord and watched as he fell into a pile of ash.  Victory was at hand, and the heroes reveled in it... by cleaning up the board game. What and awesome adventure! Until next weekend...

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