Monday, November 4, 2019

Thank You all for an Awesome Extra-Life 2019

Extra-Life 2019 has come to an end and it was fantastic! We raised a ton of money for The Children's Miracle Network and even won some prizes for ourselves!

We are already planning for Extra-Life 2020 which will be our 10th year! 

We could not do it without all of your support!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Epic Nordic survival in Rune II

Rune II press preview with Fog and friends, and after three days of grinding out games to help out kids in need, Aidyn has official finished his extralife 2019 tour! Aidyn brought in 40 dollars in donations all by himself! Great job Aidyn!

Much fun in Paladins

Hi-Rez Studios is awesome and Paladins proves it. Free to play, cross-platform, first-person goodness. We are so glad that Gaiscioch added this to the Extra-Life schedule. Sit back, relax, and watch the bots kick our butts because we are really really bad, but it is still super fun!

More Frontiering!! Join us!

More frontiering.. this time with friends!
Well.. sad to say that Fog was unable to get his copy of TLF to work.  =(

Pioneering the Frontiers with steam power!

Building railways through Torchlight Frontiers while Aidyn destroys the Covenant in Halo 5.

Sorry a little late this morning

Aidyn is already off and running with some more TitanFall 2. I was trying to make a pretty schedule to show all that they played and their hours, but even with Daylight savings time, it's too early.

So let's talk about the Janet Weis Hospital that we are supporting this year.
The Janet Weis Children's Hopital is located in Danville, Pa. 

Click to Enlarge

It doesn't serve a big city, it serves hundreds of small towns through out Central and Northeast Pennsylvania.  Among an area that seems to be forgotten by time, Janet Weis CH has state of the technology and keeps on the edge of new equipment and education. 

It  doesn’t matter if you live in a rural or urban area, when a child is seriously ill, injured or facing a life-threatening condition, our pediatric specialists can step in immediately, using state-of-the-art technology to provide emergency, trauma and critical care
- from

I love this paragraph pulled from the hospital website. Living in a "bigger town"  with a population of 8000, it's easy to feel insignificant compared to big cities with millions and tons of money.  It's great for our kids to be able to get top of the line care without having to drive hours to Philadelphia, Hershey or Pittsburgh.  So even though most people may not know where the Janet Weis hospital is or even where Danville is, it's one of the most important places for children and teenagers in these patch coal towns of Pennsylvania. 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Fodder for the sieges!
Playing Conqueror's Blade while Aidyn tackles the Titanfall 2 Campaign (again)

Trick or Treat

Since it rained on Halloween, Trick or Treat was moved to tonight. We filled up an entire book bag of candy and are ready to get back to saving kids!  We have the perfect game planned for a scary night: Path of Exile.
Definitely our favorite hack n slash mmo. You have our respect, Grinding Gear Games. And even though it's free to play, I will throw my money at you! Totes worth.

Mom and Son Take on the Undead!

7 days to Die is a crafting survival like Minecraft but the zombies are much, much scarier. Shavonne fearlessly took on 2 hordes of zombies. Wait. What was that? Oh. Mom ran very quickly away  and hid from the roaming hordes of zombies while Aidyn ran into their faces with his trusty homemade stone axe. They then went on to die of starvation, because: Food.

Brett finished up Eden rising with Gaiscioch and while those West Coasters enjoy lunch, he and Aidyn will move to defend Washington D.C. in the Division 2.

Eden Rising with Fog and Gaiscioch!

Playing Eden Rising with the Gaiscioch family while Aidyn takes a break for omnom fuel.

Just my 100 cents...

A 24 hour game marathon is hard. Even though we don't play for 24 hours straight, up to 9 hours a day is pretty intense. Games start to feel old, boredom starts to set in and with any marathon, the end seems forever away, even if it is something we love.  To help change pace, I decided to go a ahead and give the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass trial a go. For a dollar? Why not.

The first game I am downloading for Aidyn is Halo 5. Unfortunetely, I had to uninstall 4 other games to make room for it. He's been bugging me for a while now to let him play Halo and since it's #ForTheKids, why not? Also, it was a dollar.
The game is about halfway downloaded. Hopefully he can start playing in about 15 mins. I'm really proud of my Dude for his dedication to helping others this weekend. He choose to stay to stay at home and participate in Extra-Life weekend instead of going with Grammy which usually trumps anything. So, this game pass is my way of saying you are kind of awesome, Aidyn.

Good Morning Party People!

Woo! What's better than waking up super early on the weekend? Finding out that your PC was like 'Nope. Not gonna happen' and breaks a fan. Honestly, besides that hiccup, this morning is going pretty well. You'll just need to hang in there while I try to use my phone to post.

Ok. We just had ourselves a nice healthy breakfast and are ready to take on the games! Aidyn is going to start this morning off with some more Subnatica and Brett will join us in about 2 hours. 

I couldn't figure out how to find and post a picture of Subnatica on my phone, so here is a picture of breakfast.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Finishing Off Day 1 Strong with Titanfall 2

Nothing like some awesome titan fights to finish off an amazing day!

We plan to finish out our first 6 hours with a bang and many many booms!  Nothing like sitting back and relaxing in a gigantic robot while firing rockets at a cacophony of baddies.  Ah, cheers to the future.
Thank you all for stopping by to peruse our blog, watch the stream, and donate to the astonishing kids in Children's Miracle Network hospitals.  We get to feel like heroes for 24 hours, but these kids are superheros for life. Everyday they fight to get better and we can help with that. 

Enjoy some Extra-Life reading material (click to enlarge) and join us tomorrow at 7am EST as we begin Day 2 of our quest!

A Big THANK YOU for Grammy!

Thank you, Grammy!

We just received our first donation of $20.00 from Grammy! 

Thank you so much for supporting us and the Children's Miracle Network! 

This next game is for you!

Next up: Dauntless and Subnautica!

While Brett is playing Dauntless with some Gaiscioch members, Aidyn is trying to survive in the watery world of Subnautica.  

It's that time that we remind all of you to head on over to our donation page and support us as we support the Children's Miracle Network!

Also, check out our gaming family at Gaiscioch and all the goodies they have planned for this amazing event!

First Up: Torchlight 2

We are kicking off Game Day with some co-op Torchlight 2!

Our brave outlander, Hunter and his trusty cat, Cat has team up with the berserker, Extralife and his ferret, Sherlock. Together they will follow the path of destruction left in the Alchemist's wake after he went mad and destroyed the town of Torchlight!

Next (at 5 pm EST), we will face the behemoths in Dauntless! It's free to play!

Extra-Life Game Day 2019!

It's that time of year again when we dust off our heroes outfits and set out to save lives. Of course, by "hero outfits" I mean headphones and controllers and by "set out to save lives" I mean play games for 24 hours to save the lives of sick children now and in the future. Yeah, that's just how we roll.

We are starting official Extra-Life Game Day a few hours early this year. We should be kicking off in about a half hour and then playing for 6 hours today. Don't worry, at some point I will throw out a schedule. Guess for right now, it'll just have to be a surprise what we are playing. 

If you head over to , Foghladha and Gaiscioch has some awesome stuff going on. Like some serious PRIZES for Extra Life this year, and he has a full schedule for what they have going on. We will be joining them at 5pm EST for some Dauntless....and did I mention PRIZES? Just one more time.....PRIZES. Just for watching!

Anyway, here's to 2019. Lets all get out there and save some kids!

Wait, what? You want to play games to save kids, too? Head over to and sign up!