Friday, November 1, 2019

Finishing Off Day 1 Strong with Titanfall 2

Nothing like some awesome titan fights to finish off an amazing day!

We plan to finish out our first 6 hours with a bang and many many booms!  Nothing like sitting back and relaxing in a gigantic robot while firing rockets at a cacophony of baddies.  Ah, cheers to the future.
Thank you all for stopping by to peruse our blog, watch the stream, and donate to the astonishing kids in Children's Miracle Network hospitals.  We get to feel like heroes for 24 hours, but these kids are superheros for life. Everyday they fight to get better and we can help with that. 

Enjoy some Extra-Life reading material (click to enlarge) and join us tomorrow at 7am EST as we begin Day 2 of our quest!

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