Monday, November 6, 2017


Another year of Extralife is behind us now.  What a wonderful event it was again this year thanks to Shavonne working on getting everything prepared for Aidyn and I.  If you didn't get a chance to donate don't fret,  donations will be accepted through the end of November. Just follow the link on the donation page and you can help us save the children!

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Woo! Still 2 hours to go and we exceeded our goal! How about we try to hit $300?

Aidyn is finished his 24 hours (Cheers for the big guy =) ) and I am on break right now. Don't worry, I will be back tonight to finish off the Extra Life event with Gaiscioch! Tune in and watch my awesomely bad Defiance game play!

Day 2

Brett and Aidyn finished off last night with some Orcs Must Die! Unchained while aunt Pew Pew watched the chaos and mayhem. Then they settled in for some much needed sleep.
Feeling refreshed, our heroes traveled to the bowling alley this morning where they practiced form and release.  Aidyn is getting much better and decided not to use the bumpers.  With the bowling alley in the rear view mirror Brett and Aidyn made their way home where lunch was in store.  After lunch was consumed they filled in their seats and continued on their epic adventure.  Brett ran some Neverwinter dungeons and stronghold missions with Shavonne and Fog while Aidyn engineered some pretty awesome buildings in Minecraft.  With the Gaiscioch Neverwinter event over Brett contemplates his next game.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

We just got our first Donation of 2017!

Thank you Grammy for your generous donation!
We are 4% to our goal!

Time to get superheroic!

Somethings can not be decided so easily by mortals. Some things must be left up to fate and fate has chosen. 

By fate, I mean the Legendary™ Wheel of Fate.

Dice Forge honors it's newest demigod!

RNGesus has looked kindly on Shavonne today as her skill  luck proved her worth to the gods in a game of Dice Forge!


The Tavern of Beeritude found itself in the clutches of Vlad during the Hexsylvania event in Fortnite.  With the help of the Gaiscioch gaming community, we survived the horrific events that presented themselves.  Those husks never knew what was coming.  Sword and rocket launcher in hand, my ninja skills took hold and laid waste to everything in my path. Meanwhile, the great future engineer Aidyn, was building tracks in Trackmania that would give even the most experienced driving sim player a hard time.

Wurm Unlimited

Epic:      As my eyes blurred red with blood, I boarded my trusty rowboat Civvie, in an attempt to seek aid from those across the mass of water to my east.  The town of Safehaven, by definition, is known for being a safe place for travelers and newcomers.  I was elated to find out that two of the citizens were able and willing to help me with my "predicament".  Not two days prior I was attacked by a hound of hell near my tree farm just south of Logikal Overlook.  The hound seemed to come from nowhere and attacked with the ferocity that one would expect from a denizen of the underworld.  I clutched my left shoulder as its fiery claws tore away flesh and dug into muscle.  I thought for sure that this was the end of me.  I turned toward Logikal Overlook and ran as fast as I could on such a steep grade.  My stamina was leaving me and the hound was closing in to finish what it had started when I heard a shout come from near my villa.  It was one of the Spirit Guards of Logikal Overlook coming to my rescue.  The hound had trailed too closely to the border in its lust for blood and triggered the alarm of the settlement. I was saved, or so I thought.  Here I am in the aftermath of the attack, wearily floating across this giant body of water I once swam.  My stamina drained as the massive wound to my shoulder trickles away my life force into the salty water below.  An aged shark now circles below me waiting for the main course to fall over the side of the small row boat.  Alas, aged shark, you shall not eat well this day!  Through blurry eyes, my friends Firestorm and Vogue appear in the distance awaiting my arrival with healing covers and cotton bandages.  Firestorm, being the scholar that he is, researched a way to treat this hellish wound with a bear's tooth and green mushrooms;  mixed with a bit of grass, leaves, and moss to bring the cover to it's full healing potential. As Vogue prepared the cover, I stood there with tears in my eyes hoping and praying that the cover would enable me to continue my epic quest of saving those that cannot save themselves.  As I write this down, alive, I must acknowledge that I owe Firestorm and Vogue a debt of gratitude I may never be able to repay.

Our hero has awoken!

Brett just woke up and is starting his marathon with some Wurm Online. Aidyn has just pasted his first 2 hours and switched to some Minecraft with his little brother and sister.

It has begun!

Aidyn was up bright and early this morning! He even started his marathon a few minutes early! Sorry it's 6 am here and I can't think straight. Yey for Aidyn and Good Luck!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Things did not go as planned...

Well, it seems I forgot that Sunday will be daylight savings time for us and needed to add an extra hour for Extra life. An extra hour...for Extra life! See what I did there? 
Ah ha ha ha!
*chirp* crickets *chirp*
We also added some father and son bowling time! I'll make sure I get some sweet pictures of all my strikes. And by strike, I mean gutter balls. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Getting Ready

This is our long as everything goes a planned. We are super excited and ready to save some kids! Are you ready, too?

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Extra Life 2017 November 4th and 5th

We've got a little more than a month to go until game day.  I'm starting to get a list of games we will play and make a schedule. I will definitely playing some Neverwinter and Fortnite on the PS4 with my friends in Gaiscioch.

I know that Aidyn is excited about playing  Minecraft.

As for what else...Board Games! Im not sure if we will do another Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

or if we'll play some  Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

If there are any games you would like to see us play, put it in the comments below.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Looking for a little help with your new year Resolutions?

The Children's Miracle Network has come up with a pretty awesome way to help you and kids at the same time.  They call it New Year Of Miracles campaign.

It's easy to get started, just follow there steps:

  1. Make a resolution. Want to lose some weight? Learn a new language? Do a marathon? Pick a goal and lets go!

     3. Ask your family and friends to support you by making a donation. Tweet the hashtag, post to facebook, you could even send out some postcards....remember those? 

    4.Set goals to achieve your resolutions and hold yourself accountable.   It's a whole lot easier to meet little goals on the way then go straight for the Big One. Plus you get that awesome feeling of accomplishment when you hit each one. 

My resolution this year is to keep up with this blog and not just post on it once a year. I want to keep giving you information to help save kids. ExtraLife and the Children's Miracle Network is extremely important to me and I want to make sure that each year we keep making it better.