Sunday, November 6, 2016

And The Heroes Were Victorious

Well, 24 hours down and $240.00 raised. I'd like to thank everyone for their support to make this a fantastic Extra Life. You still have few weeks to get some last minute donations in. Need a gift idea for someone? Why not make a donation on their behalf?
It has been a long weekend, so Im off to bed. Good Night everyone!

Victory at last!

Aidyn and Harry sat in Godrics Hollow waiting for the inevitable dual with the Dark Lord as they relied on Brett and Hermione to push back the villains attempt to seize the location.  Shavonne and Neville being the TRUE heroes, took the brunt of the punishment while they dealt out massive healing with aid from the bezoars and Remus Lupin.  Nevilles proficiency in Herbology kept the heroes alive on the brink of death with the extra healing it provided.  In an effort to keep the Dark Lord at bay, the heroes stacked their efforts on all three villains in front of them before tactically and decisively dispatching them in one fell swoop of arcane energy.  As Quirrel joined the battle, revealing Lord Valdemort, Aidyn and Harry focused their attention on the back line. They waited for Brett and Hermione to stun Quirrel while Shavonne and Neville weakened Valdemort to a state of stupor.  At that moment,  Hat trick Harry threw all that he had at the Dark Lord and watched as he fell into a pile of ash.  Victory was at hand, and the heroes reveled in it... by cleaning up the board game. What and awesome adventure! Until next weekend...

That feel when you've come so close...

This was not an awesome time for our heroes as they lost control of Godric's Hollow, Gringotts, and the Room of Requirement before they stunned their first two villains.  Even as three dark arts were being cast down upon our heroes, they stood fast and thwarted all attempts of the villainous scum to rest control of Hogwarts Castle.  Fenrir Greyback fell and Valdemort revealed himself at the height of his power.  Our heroes fought the frighteningly powerful Valdemort and the three remaining followers to no avail.  Valdemort cast down his three foes and took possession of Hogwarts Castle.  The epic battle will start anew in about an hour while the heroes eat and recharge!


Captain Awesome says:

Well, that was an awesome night of sleep and we're fully rested for another awesome day of saving awesome kids with awesome gaming. Join us in our awesome endeavor and be awesome with us.  Sadly the not awesome kitty cat of doom destroyed our awesome game of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Batlle last night and we must reset and begin anew in another awesome attempt to thwart the not awesome Valdemort and his even less awesome band of merry allies. If you would like to be awesome with us you may donate one awesome dollar for every time I've said awesome in this awesome blog post.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Good Night! See you all tomorrow

Alright, we're shutting down for the night because we are old a can't stay up late anymore. I tried to make it to 11 pm, but that didnt happen. Im  going to get some sleep so I can be awesome tomorrow and do awesome stuff to help safe awesome kids. It was a good first day. Have an awesome night.

The Dark Lord regains his power!

Once again our hero Aidyn wielding the power of Harry Potter and all of his house dice bested the once powerful Valdemort.  With the Half Blood Prince's mastery of the dark arts, Aidyn and Harry stopped all evil doers in their tracks.  Despite the victory, Shavonne and Neville managed to be stunned multiple times along with Brett and Hermione pushing the victory back and causing more dark arts to be revealed each round as Nocturne Alley fell to the Death Eaters. The heroes held off the rest of the villains at the Burrow where they achieved their victory rest.  However, Valdemort has grown to his full potential and reclaimed his dark power.  It is up to Harry, Hermione, and Neville to make one last stand as the Sword of Gryffindor is added to their arsenal.  Can the dynamic trio manage to thwart the powers of the dark lord and finally be at peace?  Find out soon as we quest for glory during this exciting Harry Potter Extralife event!

Take that Valdemort!!

Aidyn and Harry put Valdemort on his heels with a Petrificus Totalus, aided by Oliver Wood and his trusty Nimbus 2001!  As Shavonne and Neville kept us healed with some butterbeer and the healing properties of Fawkes the Phoenix,  I paired with Hermione and spread my influence to all with my massive list of spells.  Headmistress Umbridge and her O.W.L.S stood no chance as we meddled in her nefarious affairs.  Time to take this game to the next level and acquire a few new allies as we trek through unexplored locations and face off against a stronger Valdemort and his new minions Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback!

On to Order of the Phoenix

We defeated Barty Crouch, Jr, the Dementor and all the other Villains from books 1-3!

We are going to take a break and play some other board games, but when we come back we will face a Death Eater, Dolores Umbridge and Lord Voldemort himself!  Thankfully, we have a few new allies to help us overcome the dark arts!

For those of you that aren't Harry Potter fans...we beat part 4 of the game and now it is tougher.

For Hogwarts!

Attempt #3 To Defeat Book 4 in Harry Potter:Hogwarts Battle

Neville, Harry, and Hermione find themselves at the Quidditch World cup facing down a Dementor and Lucius Malfoy...

Let's see what happens...


Peter Pettigrew Was Our Undoing

Well, we lost game 4 of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, again. Aidyn had an unlucky streak, followed by Brett having an unlucky streak and we lost all of the locations to the villains.  Though Neville is my favorite character from the books, I am horrible at playing him. His perk is that when he heals someone on his turn, they gain an extra heart....and I do not heal people as often as I should. C'mon, it's way more fun to attack the villains than heal people. So I think after lunch, we are going to play some more video games, then come back to Harry Potter. We will conquer through perseverance.  Ill see if I can get a picture of Aidyn and Brett posing epic to put here.

Anyway, while we are lunch, feel free to  DONATE or take a  look around the site. You could also go check out Gaiscioch's live stream:  See you in a bit =)

Switching it up

I think I've had enough of Smite for now. It's time for some Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. Aidyn, Shavonne, and I have been playing this game over the last 2 weekend. We have failed twice now and are currently on book 4 of 7. Wish us luck because we really need it.

A New Dawn

Literally, it's a new dawn...the sun is coming up as I type. 2 and a half hours down, and a math amount that I can't do this early in the morning to go. Aidyn finished destroying the Death Star in Infinity and moved on to Minecraft.  And he just completed his TnT dispenser and is make craters in his newly created world.

Brett is still playing Smite on the PS4 while simultaneously being grumpy at me for waking him up at 6am to start gaming. I think he is also grumpy because I put him on a "healthy" diet for the marathon.
Why not help cheer him up by donating some monies? He's going to need it after he finds out that I took away all the chips and pizza rolls and have fresh fruits and veggies for snacks

Game On!

This year Im starting on the PS4 with some Smite. I'm a bit too tired to dive in some tabletop games right now, but later today.....WE WILL DEFEAT VALDEMORT!  If you hop on to twitch (  to watch, you can hear Aidyn going crazy in the background playing Disney Infinity.

Well, I can't figure out how to make it vertical, so just tilt your head when you look at it.

Good Morning!

Good Morning! It's about 15 mins until we start. Im going to shower and get some breakfast, then it's Game On!