Saturday, November 5, 2016

A New Dawn

Literally, it's a new dawn...the sun is coming up as I type. 2 and a half hours down, and a math amount that I can't do this early in the morning to go. Aidyn finished destroying the Death Star in Infinity and moved on to Minecraft.  And he just completed his TnT dispenser and is make craters in his newly created world.

Brett is still playing Smite on the PS4 while simultaneously being grumpy at me for waking him up at 6am to start gaming. I think he is also grumpy because I put him on a "healthy" diet for the marathon.
Why not help cheer him up by donating some monies? He's going to need it after he finds out that I took away all the chips and pizza rolls and have fresh fruits and veggies for snacks

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